PIVOT Turn Towards Success


On the basketball court, one pivots in order to re-align themselves with the basket; shifting their approach for an ultimate victory.

PIVOT Marketing Agency is a sports marketing organization which connects properties with potential partners, emerging technology companies with sports properties, and aligns brands with effective sports marketing programs.

Choosing PIVOT means a Turn Towards Success for your business.

  • “Artemis Racing’s partnership with PIVOT Marketing Agency for the 34th America’s Cup aligned the team with blue chip brands and allowed us to host and entertain numerous executives and decision makers during the event. The PIVOT Team overachieved and exceeded expectations.”

    - Andrea Tagliamacco, Head of Commercial Partnerships, ARTEMIS RACING

  • “Ben has extensive experience in all aspects of the business of sports and understands how sponsorship programs in sports can be winning investments.”

    - Rick Welts, President  and Chief Operating Officer, Golden State Warriors

  • “Ben has a great understanding of analytics and unlocking valuable insights from data to achieve marketing objectives. We look forward to working closely with PIVOT moving forward. “

    - Paul Smith, Founder & CEO, Repucom